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Mom In Balance


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  • You log in via the button on the homepage of Mom in Balance or
    Are you logging in for the first time? Then click 'Register'. Fill in your email address and choose a new password. 

    Are you not yet a member? Then first sign up for a membership with us. Otherwise it won't be possible to log on to the Member Portal. 

  • Here you see your planned workouts. When you click on a workout you will see the following information:

    • Which workouts you've planned and the meeting point

    • The start and end time of the planned workout

    • The trainer who is going to give the workout

    • The members who've booked this workout

    • The button to cancel the workout

    • With the button 'invite a friend' you can invite your Mom in Balance buddy to also book this workout. With this link you can invite your friend, sister or neighbour to easily book this workout.

      More information about planning and rescheduling workouts, you'll find under 'Planning & changing workouts'.

  • At 'Book a workout' you can see all workouts. You can also see if a workout is available and how many spots are free. Here you can easily filter for park and (workout-) location. 

    Booking a workout can be done by clicking the 'Book' button or when your click through to the workout detail page. After clicking on the button you can choose to book a single workout or whether you want to make this your new fixed workout. 

    How do I get to the workout detail page?
    By clicking on the workout description, you will be taken to the workout detail page. Here you will find specific details about the meet up location, details of your trainer and the registered Members.

  • At 'My profile' you can change your personal details. 

    • Change your profile photo

    • Adjust your subscription duration and change your sports program

    • Download your invoices in PDF

    • You can see the discount codes you can use as a member and the national actions

    • Do you have an Mpower membership? Then you can add your Fittest-score

    • Change your address details

    *What is important to know, is that by changing your address the base location of your membership doesn't automatically change. Is your new address in the area of a different Mom in Balance location? Then email us at They can switch your membership location settings for you, so you can book a new fixed workout.

  • Under video's you can find different expert videos, challenge videos and it is easy to find many online workout videos done via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. To find the video you want you can filter on subject or use the search bar. 

  • Under blogs you can find differend expert articles, lifestyle tips and recipes. Filter the blogs on subject or use the search function to find the desired blog.

  • You can change the language of your Member account, create a new password and you will also find your current credit number here (with a once-a-week subscription). You can cancel your subscription here and contact the head office or franchiser.

  • As a member you can receive group messages from your trainer. If you respond to the group message, this response will be sent to your trainer individually, and not to the whole group. Is there a new message waiting for you in the member portal? You will receive a notification in your email. 

  • On Android:

    • Open Chrome

    • Navigate to the website you want to save to your homescreen:

    • Tap the menu icon and tap 'add to homescreen'

    • Choose a name for the website shortcut on your home screen

    On iPhone:

    • Open Safari

    • Navigate to the website you want to save to your homescreen:

    • Tap on the Share button on the bottom of the page

    • In the list of options that appear, scroll down until you see 'Add to Home Screen'

    • Choose a name for the website shortcut on your home screen

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