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Terms and conditions

1. General

Great, you're joining the workouts of Mom in Balance! We’ll do everything we can to make you feel strong and energetic in every phase of motherhood. Below you find the general terms and conditions that are applicable to your membership and to the workouts you participate in.     

Mom in Balance reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions and to declare the changed terms and conditions applicable to your membership. We will always inform you about the changed terms and conditions via e-mail. 

2. Offered services

2.1 Workouts

Mom in Balance offers 4 types of workouts:

  • Pregnant Workout; 

  • Back in Shape;

  • Mpower; 

  • MpowerNext.

Mom in Balance can change the services offered. We always do our best to innovate our programs and adjust these to the needs of our members. The times, places and programs of our workouts can change. 

We have a personal member discount. You’ll receive this when you sign up for a membership. The discount codes can be used for orders in the Mom in Balance webshop.

2.2 Memberships

At Mom in Balance you can choose from the following 3 ongoing memberships:

  • A monthly membership;

  • A 12-month membership;

  • A 18-month membership.

As a member you have the possibility to change the workout types within your membership. You can also change between a once a week membership and an unlimited membership. You can arrange this in your personal member account. 

Once you have gone through the 12 or 18 active months of your membership, your membership is automatically renewed into a monthly membership with the same price.

3. Trial lesson

Before starting a membership you can participate in one trial lesson.

4. Signing up for a membership

You sign up for a membership through the registration form on the website of Mom in Balance. The membership can be concluded once you agree with our general terms and conditions. You can use a maximum of 1 discount code per registration. We will always send you a confirmation through email.

5. Right of revocation

We assume you will be very happy once you started our workout. If something insurmountable happens because of which you would like to stop your membership, you have the right to dissolve your membership within 14 days after you’ve concluded your membership by sending us an email. In this case you will only pay for the amount of workouts you participated in.

6. Termination

6.1  Terminate  

Once the minimal duration of your membership has expired, you can terminate your membership. For all memberships we have a notice period of one month. You can arrange the termination of your membership in your personal Mom in Balance account. 

6.2  Becoming a member again

If you’ve been a member before and you register for a membership again, a new effective period will start based on the associated prices and conditions. You cannot claim any membership conditions you enjoyed previously. 

7. Pausing

7.1 Maternity pause

For the Pregnant Workout, the specified due date of delivery is the start of a maximum 3-month maternity pause. No direct debits will take place during the period of the maternity pause. If your delivery date differs from the due date, please inform us. Your maternity pause will be adjusted accordingly. 

After 3 months your subscription will be reactivated and converted to the Back in Shape workout and the direct debit will be active again.  

7.2 Pausing due to special circumstances

In case you are sick, have an injury or any pregnancy-related complaints we can pause your membership for you. When your membership is paused you cannot attend our workouts and no payment will take place. Your membership can be paused for a maximum of 3 months. After, your membership will be activated again.

7.3 Holidays

It is not possible to pause your membership during your holidays. In your personal Mom in Balance account it is possible to change your workouts within your membership.

8. Payment

When signing up for a membership you give permission for payment to take place using direct debit. Your membership fee will be charged to the IBAN specified by you in the registration form. The amount will be invoiced monthly by Mom in Balance at the start of your membership period. 

If payment has failed, for example due to insufficient balance or a reversed charge, we will send you a reminder with an iDeal link so you can pay your membership fee. Alternatively, Mom in Balance will attempt to collect the membership fee again after one month.  

9. Workouts

9.1  Cancel workout

Only in case of extremely poor weather or illness of the trainer there is a possibility your workout will be cancelled. If this is the case Mom in Balance will inform you about this at least an hour before the start of your workout. Cancellation, merger, or relocation of a workout does not lead to a discount on the membership fee or a refund. We offer enough possibilities to join an alternative workout. 

Unless indicated otherwise by Mom in Balance, no workouts will take place on public holidays without this resulting in a discount on the membership fee or a refund.

9.2 Credits   

In your personal member account you can change your fixed workout. 

With a once a week membership you’ll receive a credit when you sign off from a workout. You’ll only receive a credit if you report your absence at the latest 1 hour before the workout starts. If you miss a workout (or more) it is not possible to receive a discount on your membership or a refund. 

As a member you can save up to a maximum amount of credits at a time. You can use your credits within an active membership. Your credit does not expire, but are non-transferable.

9.3 Photos

During the workout we often take various pictures of the training. We use these photos for different expressions. The trainer will ask for permission when you are (recognisable) in the photo.

10. Rate changes

Mom in Balance reserves the right to change the rates during the effective period. We will notify our members about price changes at least 1 month in advance.

11. Member liability

Your contribution in the points down below are an important factor to make your experience in our workouts as successful as possible: 

  • Always keep your personal data up to date in your personal member account

  • Always notify the trainer about physical complaints at the start of the workout

  • In case you’re in doubt whether you’re physically able to join our workouts (for example due to pain or an illness), always consult a doctor.

  • Participating in a workout is at your own risk

    a. Listen to your body during the workout and follow the instructions of the trainer.

    b. Mom in Balance can never be held liable for any injuries, fractures, or other physical or mental injury caused during the workout, unless the accident is caused by intent or gross negligence attributable to Mom in Balance.

    c. Pay close attention to your belongings. Mom in Balance can never be held liable for the damage, loss, theft or disappearance of your belongings during the workout.

12. Personal data

Mom in Balance processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  For more information on Mom in Balance's processing of personal data, please see our privacy policy.

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