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Mpower is an intensive workout that combines challenges, competition and fun. Our professional trainers help you and other women living near you build up your physical and mental strength and resilience. A great constitution, a strong body and a positive mindset: just what you need to combine work, family and me-time. 

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We challenge you!

This total body workout mixes strength, cardio and high-intensity (HIT) exercises. Most of them are done as a team to motivate and challenge yourself and each other. The workout challenges you to keep pushing your limits. Are you ready?

Thanks to our Mpower workout:

  • You feel physically & mentally strong

  • You experience the perfect combination of strength, cardio and HIT

  • You work on your personal goals and develop a positive mindset

  • You create the power to combine work, family and me-time

Be sure of a workout routine that works

Is there really a workout routine that works for everyone? Absolutely! Research shows that you need a year, on average, to build up a workout routine that works for you. The longer you manage to stick to your exercise schedule, the easier it becomes to keep it up, the stronger you become, and the more you enjoy exercising.

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Are you ready for Mpower?

We recommend that you wait at least five months after giving birth to start the Mpower workout. Needless to say that we always consider your personal needs and wishes during the sessions.


It is great to be challenged again at Mpower after doing the Pregnant and Back in Shape workout. This workout helps me not only to build up my physical endurance and strength again, but also to develop them further.

Kitty Wilmink

The Mom in Balance training sessions have given me a lot of energy for years. A fixed routine during the week; no thinking and go! Even in busy times or when I'm tired; I can recharge myself and get going again. It is always a great feeling when I come home again!

Vivien Hulshof

I find Mpower a wonderful workout. It's nice to train together with other sporty mothers in the open air. I've also gained quite a few girlfriends and acquaintances from Mpower who I not only train with, but who I also go for drinks with! It's all about balance, right ;)


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