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Beginner Running Training Schedules

Starting a new running routine? You can do this at any time! Especially for beginner and recreational runners we have created running guides that allow you to build up your running at your own pace and work towards your personal goals.

Tips to start Running

Are you pregnant or have you given birth and want to (continue to) run? Read here how to build it up responsibly.


  • Starting with a warming-up is essential. You warm up your muscles and prepare them for the performance they are about to deliver. Equally important: with a good warming-up, you reduce the risk of injury.

  • Wear well-fitting running shoes.

  • After you get started and get the hang of it, it's nice to set a goal for yourself: this can be in number of miles, on time or sign up for a run. Trust us: this is a boost to your motivation!

  • Take enough time to recover between your workouts.

  • Finish your lap with a cooling-down, to let your body and heart unwind after the effort.

Running Training Schedules

Below are our running schedules for beginners. Even if you are experienced with running, it can be nice to pick up and expand your running routine according to one of the schedules. Print it out and go for it!

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