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Do the Mpower Checklist

Did you give birth at least 5 months ago and want to build your fitness and strength with a stronger core? Do the Mpower checklist. This will tell you if you are fit enough to join our Mpower workout.

What is Mpower?

Mpower is an intensive training that combines challenge, competition and fun. With professional trainers, together with other inspiring women, you work on building physical and mental (spring) strength. A good condition, a strong body and a positive mindset: exactly what you need to combine work, family and me-time.


Did you know that you need about 300 to 500 days to recover from childbirth? This is a perfectly normal course. When you start Mpower after 5+ months, you are still working on your recovery. Therefore, keep training at least once a week. Even if you want to pick up your old sport. During the Mpower workout there is always room for your personal needs and wishes. The trainer can also offer differentiations within Mpower that fit the phase you are in. Keep listening to your body and ask the trainer for her expertise.

Do the Mpower checklist

Ready for the next step? Fill out the checklist below:

  • I have discussed with my trainer if she confirms that I am physically ready for the Mpower workout.

  • I gave birth at least five months ago.

  • My diastasis is sufficiently closed, I have no diastasis-related complaints (anymore) and move without compensations. For this you can do the diastasis check yourself. Not quite sure? Ask the trainer to assess it!

  • I experience no complaints related to the pelvic floor, pelvis or core. Think of urine leakage* or pelvic/back pain. When in doubt, we recommend a visit to the pelvic physical therapist for proper advice. *while performing the exercises in the workouts. Read more about urine leakage during exercise here.

  • I can run for at least 10 minutes without complaints.

  • I can perform a wide squat correctly up to 90 degrees.

  • I can correctly perform a forward lunge to 90 degrees.

  • I can correctly perform a horizontal plank with proper tightening of the core.

TIP: Still in doubt? We always recommend contacting a registered pelvic floor physical therapist for advice.

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