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Run Clinics

Discover Mom in Balance's Start To Run Clinic, your path to recovery and confidence after childbirth. Strengthen the important muscle groups, learn the right technique, and rebuild your own running routine. Check out the clinics near you!

What does the Start To Run Clinic offer?

Do you want to start enjoying running again after giving birth but don't know where to begin? Our Start To Run Clinic is the perfect opportunity to boost your recovery and confidence. This clinic is specially designed for women who want to (re)start running after childbirth. We understand the challenges and changes that motherhood brings, and we're here to support you on your journey towards an active and balanced lifestyle.

Good to know:

  • You can join the clinic from 15 weeks after childbirth.

  • It is required that you have already started with short runs.

  • You have no complaints related to your pelvis or pelvic floor.

What to expect?

Our Start To Run Clinic focuses on strengthening the key muscles that weaken after childbirth. We lay the right foundation so that you can run with confidence and without injuries. Our experienced trainers, trained by top athlete Tasa Jiya, will guide you and teach you the proper technique. Tasa is not only an inspiring source but also a Mom in Balance trainer, which means you are in excellent hands.

We love to run!

During the Start To Run Clinic, you'll participate in 5 inspiring one-hour workouts. These sessions provide the essential building blocks to (re)establish your own running routine. Each session includes detailed technical explanations, cardio exercises, strength training, and practical assignments for home. Furthermore, our clinic is based on the latest scientific insights and is specifically tailored to the postnatal women's body.

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