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  • Are you unable to come to the workout? Then please cancel on time so your trainer knows whether to expect you or not. You can do this in your Member account. Just follow the next steps: 

    • Go to 'My schedule' in your Member account

    • Click on the workout you want to cancel

    • Click on the Cancel button that appears. 

    You can cancel your workout up to one hour before it starts. A credit will be added to your credit balance when you have a once-a-week membership. You can save up to 15 credits.

    You forgot to cancel/you canceled too late

    When you’re signed up for the workout, a spot is reserved for you and your trainer expects you to come. Unfortunately, a late cancellation (or no cancellation) means that you won't receive a credit, also not retroactively. 


    Your trainer would like to know if you will turn up for your workout or not, so please cancel the workouts that you already know you’re going to miss via your Member account. Naturally, you will be more than welcome to join one or more workouts at other moments before or after your holiday.

    Changing a trial workout

    No problem! You can do this yourself in your Member account. You can cancel the workout you won’t be able to join and sign up for another workout within 2 weeks.

  • You can indicate your preferred regular workout(s) and moment(s) when you sign up for your membership. The timetable will show you if there is a spot available. If so, you can be added to the workout straight away. If not, you can choose one or more alternative (regular) workout(s) in your Member account. Go through the following steps to schedule your workouts: 

    Please Note: Already signed up for a fixed workout? Please unsubscribe this workout completely first.

    • Find a workout you want under the heading “Book a workout” in your Member account

    • You can use filters to quickly find the workout you want to join in your favorite park

    • The workouts are listed chronologically

    • Have you found the workout you want to join? Click on “sign up”.

    • You can now choose between an one-time reservation or as your fixed workout.

    • Check your schedule under 'My schedule'. Your preferred workout may occasionally be full. You can then try to register at a later time.

    Your active membership location shows you which parks you can go to for your workouts.

    The once-a-week membership allows you to schedule one fixed workout per week. The unlimited membership allows you to schedule two fixed workout moments per week and you can sign up for other workouts that offer availability.


    We understand if you won't be able to make it but we greatly appreciate it when you let us know on time. You can simply do this in your Member account. You will receive one credit for every workout you cancel on time.
    Please note: you can cancel your scheduled workout up to one hour before it starts to receive the credit. You can save up to 15 credits. More about these credits can be found under the heading “Credits”. 

    Scheduling extra workouts

    The once-a-week membership allows you to schedule extra workouts if you have a credit balance. The unlimited membership offers the option to schedule as many extra workouts as you want besides your regular workout(s). Follow the steps under the heading “Scheduling workouts” to sign up for extra workouts. 

    Workouts can be scheduled up to 4 weeks in advance (apart from the fixed workouts).

  • Rain or sunshine; our workouts take place outside all year round!

    Only when weather conditions are dangerous or when the trainer is ill there is a chance workouts are cancelled. We will always communicate this with you as soon as possible. You will not receive money back for your cancelled workouts. We will offer plenty of opportunity to join a workout another time. 

    On national holidays workouts are cancelled

    On Dutch National holidays all workouts are cancelled. This means that during Easter, Ascension day, Whitsun, Christmas and New Years day the workouts do not take place. You will not receive money back for your cancelled workouts. You can however sign off from the cancelled workout and book another workout. 

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