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Mom In Balance


  • We will be very sorry to see you go! You can terminate your membership in your Member account. Please provide us with your feedback and the reason why you wish to cancel your membership. The termination has been processed the moment you receive our confirmation. 

    Currently we are experiencing some issues with automatic processing on the 12 and 18 months membership. You will receive a correct enddate from us, as soon as possible after canceling your membership.

    Termination monthly membership

    We maintain a notice period of one month for the monthly membership plan. The notice period starts as soon as you have indicated your wish to terminate your membership. This notice period needs to fall within an active membership period. 

    Termination 12-month or 18-month membership

    When your 12-month or 18-month membership ends, your membership automatically continues as a monthly membership. From then you can then terminate your membership based on the one-month notice period. In your Member account, you can also indicate that you wish to terminate your membership when the 12-month or 18-month membership ends. It is not possible to cancel your membership in the meantime.

  • Your membership can only be put on hold during your maternity period or in case of specific circumstances (illness, injury, or pregnancy-related complaints). 

    During this on-hold period, you can’t join the workouts and payments will also be paused. Has a direct debit already taken place for the entire month? Then this will be settled for you from your new starting moment.

    Your subscription can be paused for a maximum of 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, your subscription will automatically be reactivated. You can request the pause of your membership by contacting us at

    Please note: the end date of your memberships moves forward with the same number of weeks as your on-hold period.

    Maternity period

    On your due date, your membership will automatically paused up to a maximum of 12 weeks after your delivery. You can start the workouts from 6 weeks after your delivery. You can easily reactivate your subscription in our Member account. Within your subscription, the sports program is automatically changed from Pregnant to Back in Shape.

    Your favorite Back in Shape workout(s)

    You can schedule your favorite workouts again via your Member account whenever you start training again.

  • Are you moving to another town? Make sure to check our website to see if we offer our workouts where you are moving to. We can switch your membership to your new location. Just send us an email at

    What if we don't offer our workouts in your new location? When we don’t have a Mom in Balance location within a 10-kilometer radius of where you are going to live, you can always terminate your membership (early).

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