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The story of Powermom Angela | Empowering Women All Over the World | Mom In Balance


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The story of Powermom Angela - Empowering Women All Over the World

Angela Yu Miao lives in Singapore with her husband and 3 children. Since 2020 she has been the location manager of Mom in Balance Singapore. When she herself was pregnant with her first child in 2016, she felt the desire to exercise. She had to overcome many doubts and warnings from her Asian family and the constant reminders that she should just take it easy during the entire pregnancy.  Now, gone through a second pregnancy of twins, she is even more of a firm believer of exercising as a (young) mother and mother to be than ever. Besides MIB she started running half marathons - something she would have never imagined a few years ago.  It is her mission to inspire as many women as possible with this intrinsic belief and create a great and inspiring atmosphere during the sessions.


When pregnant, in Asia, you are (over-)protected by family and friends. Especially in the first trimester of your pregnancy, it is expected of you to take it easy and avoid exercise. I wanted to do something to feel good without doubting if I was allowed to, and with more impact than, for instance, a yoga class. Mom in Balance was something I found and felt so right from the first trial lesson. It was truly wonderful to feel so good about exercising! At 22 weeks pregnant I started working out with the Pregnant workouts. I can’t describe the feeling afterwards: I was so happy, felt strong, excited and empowered all at the same time. 


I remember when I was pregnant it made me feel so confident when I saw other pregnant women running and exercising - it made me feel safe and opened up a new world for me. The competitive side of the workouts is also a great aspect; especially in Mpower workouts. I see women push harder, be faster, challenge each other. It’s fun! Joining the workouts takes your mind off of your daily stress factors. It’s so easy to lose yourself in being a mother, a wife, a sibling, a friend, a colleague. Here you can just be yourself for a whole hour. And that’s an amazing feeling.

''Sometimes you only need a listener, someone to hear you out after the many sleepless nights or maybe even depressed feelings. These women see each other. They listen.''


To be able to connect with other women is one of the most rewarding aspects of Mom in Balance. Being in the same situation- and phases of life and motherhood, there is so much shared experience. You are not alone! I’ve met amazing women and have seen them connect with each other. Passion for exercise and sports is an instant shared interest, from there on a connection is easily made. 

All around the world I see women joining Mom in Balance, it’s the same type of women everywhere. Social media shows the different groups in different places, with one common mission: to make women feel stronger, together. Most of these women have beautiful families, who are all there for advice. But sometimes - it’s just not what you need. Sometimes you only need a listener, someone to hear you out after the many sleepless nights or maybe even depressed feelings. These women see each other. They listen. To be part of a community that lets you be who you are, express your emotions without giving a solution when you just need someone to listen and not be told what to (not) do, is just wonderful. The shared love and mission all over the world keeps the members loyal and creates the success that Mom in Balance has become over the years. And that is just amazing.

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